The Psychopath Decoder Ring for women…

Get your very own Psychopath Decoder Ring!

Slip this unique high-tech, handcrafted ring onto your finger, and it begins to work. Perpetual motion design makes batteries obsolete. The only thing you need to do in addition to wearing the ring is to keep the following instructions in mind. When you do, the ring works in tandem with your mind to decipher manipulative, deceptive and perplexing psychopathic speech and behaviors. It works for sociopaths and narcissists, too!

But first, a testimonial from one of our satisfied customers.

... and the Psychopath Decoder Ring for men.

… and the Psychopath Decoder Ring for men.

45px BLANK SPACE“Before I got my Psychopath Decoder Ring, I was fed up with the psychopath I was involved with — the lies, the games, the anxiety, the crazymaking, all of it — and I left him once and for all.  I told him, via email, that it was over. He responded by saying he accepted it, but that he wanted me to know one thing. He said, ‘You are wonderful, and I am lacking.” I believed it was an astounding admission for a psychopath to make. I didn’t know for sure, but I felt that perhaps, in a moment of self-awareness, he lifted a corner of the veil and showed me a man in the grip of psychopathic compulsion, doomed to play vicious games. It made me wonder…

A few months later he started contacting me again, and I ended up going back to him. The firm resolve I believed I’d had when I left him seemed to unravel. Of course he behaved the same way he did before. The lies, the triangulation, and everything else were just as they were previously, and I was anxiety-ridden and depressed. Once again, I broke up with him. I couldn’t figure out why I’d gone back in the first place!


Then I purchased the Psychopath Decoder Ring, slipped it on my finger, followed the instructions, and read some old emails. When I read his words again — ‘You are wonderful, and I am lacking” — I was immediately able to decode his real meaning and intent! It was incredible! The decoder ring enabled me to have the following realization:

He knew his words would ignite a smoldering fire of pity and compassion. They made him seem like a self-effacing and humble man admitting his very human flaw and feeling ashamed of it. As well, those words made him seem honest. And insightful. Also, it was a way for him to seem as if he were tipping the balance of power back into my favor. He knew that I, the wonderful and powerful one, would then reconsider my negative judgement of his character and my decision to dump this admittedly flawed and humble man. He knew it would play on my mind enough to allow some room for doubt to creep back in, which would lessen my resolve. And it worked just as planned, as evidenced by my getting back together with him!


With just a few well-chosen words, he unraveled me. Psychopaths know just how to create a  loose little thread, and then sit back and wait as our minds tug at it and create a hole that lets doubt creep in.  It sure did, and then he crept in right after it!

Now, with the psychopath decoder ring, nothing he could say to me would make me go back to his mental abuse and devaluation. I am so very pleased with my purchase! I highly recommend the Psychopath Decoder Ring.”

~ An anonymous customer



  • Psychopaths are not like you. Do not attribute your emotions, morals or thought processes to them while the ring is in analysis mode. To do so will return false results.
  • Remember the ways in which psychopaths differ from you, no matter how hard to comprehend: They do not have a conscience. They do not have the ability to bond with others. They do not have the ability to love. There is no heart hiding in there, laying dormant and waiting for the right person or words to release it from its psychopathic bonds. There is no remorse. It will not emerge with a heartfelt and reasoned appeal to compassion or a description of the harm they inflicted, because they can not feel remorse nor can they feel compassion. There is no shame, only an unwavering belief in their superiority. What is there to be ashamed of when getting what they want is their goal in life and when they feel entitled to it by any means, when they feel they have the right to it and feel no one else has any rights at all? How can they feel shame for what they do when they do not have a conscience, and therefore are morally and ethically bankrupt? Analysis is done from this point of view. It is the only way the data processor within the ring can return accurate results.


Decoder Ring Analysis: He’s faking it!45px BLANK SPACE
  • The only goals a psychopath has are power, control, and self-gratification. Attributing their words or behavior to anything else will return false results.
  • The only emotions a psychopath can feel are contemptuous delight, rage, thrill, and bone-gnawing boredom. Do not attribute any other emotions to the psychopath while the Decoder Ring is working.
  • The one and only reason psychopaths need anyone is to get what they need. Read it, learn it, know it. The ring will work flawlessly if you do.

Psychopaths and the Matrix

Decoder Ring Analysis: She doesn’t act like she loves you because she doesn’t love you.45px BLANK SPACE
  • Imagine life from a psychopath’s perspective while the ring is in analysis mode: You live only by your own rules, which is really a lack of rules, except for one: Get what you want, however you can. You will manipulate, lie, tell the truth if it works, pretend you’re in love with someone, assassinate someone’s character, turn others against them, pretend to be someone you’re not, feign emotion, cheat, steal, get elected mayor, wear a cast and pretend you need help getting bags of groceries into your van, offer a lost college coed a ride home late at night, ask a child if he wants to see your new puppy, knock on someone’s door and say you’re having car trouble, and put a blue light on your car and pull women over and rape them. Kill any of them if you choose. Heck, why not? You got what you wanted — what the hell are they good for now? Getting you in trouble, that’s what, and you wouldn’t want your private party to come to an end. Besides, your ability to decide someone’s fate is the ultimate testament to your power. Keeping this point of view will help the Decoder Ring return an accurate analysis.

(*Before psychopaths far and wide descend upon the makers of the Decoder Ring with claims that not all of them are bad, we will say that not all of them would do everything on this list. It depends on what they want, how bored they are, or how enraged they are, in combination with the severity of their psychopathy. But all of them will do some of the things on the list because that’s all they have to work with.)

Fine Print:

Due to the nature of this product, we can provide no guarantee. Purchase at your own risk. May shatter empathic illusions. Failure to keep the instructions in mind during wear renders the decoder ring (and you!) powerless. Do not eat this ring. May cause nightmares if used while sleeping. We recommend staying away from psychopaths and wearing this ring as a fashion statement instead.


A poem from Linda, the Resident Poet of P&L and proud new owner of a Decoder Ring ~


You advance, seeking weakness;
I stand, showing you my heart.
Taking two quick steps
You lunge with dire intent
And I parry with a poem.
Surprised, you falter and
I thrust beneath your guard,
Uncovering your darkness.
Returning to position
We bind our wounds, and wait.
En guard! We will begin again.


© Linda, April 2015


♥ Have you gotten a decoder ring yet? If so, have you had a chance to try it out? Tell us all about it by leaving a comment. Thank you.



“Wonderful read… Such a great gem…

…If you’re wondering if you are encountering a psychopath, read this book and you will know without a doubt.”

“Quite relevant and helpful, written in a useful down-to-earth-style which emphasizes the practical. Obviously written from direct experience.”

“The truth shall make you free… the description of typical behavior and common reaction to that behavior was more helpful to me in freeing myself than all the books on what a psychopath, sociopath or narcissist is”

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