Get Your Psychopath Decoder Ring, While Supplies Last!

The Psychopath Decoder Ring for women…

Get your very own Psychopath Decoder Ring!

Slip this unique high-tech, handcrafted ring onto your finger, and it begins to work. Perpetual motion design makes batteries obsolete. The only thing you need to do in addition to wearing the ring is to keep the following instructions in mind. When you do, the ring works in tandem with your mind to decipher manipulative, deceptive and perplexing psychopathic speech and behaviors. It works for sociopaths and narcissists, too!

But first, a testimonial from one of our satisfied customers.

... and the Psychopath Decoder Ring for men.
… and the Psychopath Decoder Ring for men.

“Before I got my Psychopath Decoder Ring, I was fed up with the psychopath I was involved with — the lies, the games, the anxiety, the crazymaking, all of it — and I left him once and for all.  I told him, via email, that it was over. He responded by saying he accepted it, but that he wanted me to know one thing. He said, ‘You are wonderful, and I am lacking.” I believed it was an astounding admission for a psychopath to make. I didn’t know for sure, but I felt that perhaps, in a moment of self-awareness, he lifted a corner of the veil and showed me a man in the grip of psychopathic compulsion, doomed to play vicious games. It made me wonder…

A few months later he started contacting me again, and I ended up going back to him. The firm resolve I believed I’d had when I left him seemed to unravel. Of course he behaved the same way he did before. The lies, the triangulation, and everything else were just as they were previously, and I was anxiety-ridden and depressed. Once again, I broke up with him. I couldn’t figure out why I’d gone back in the first place!


Then I purchased the Psychopath Decoder Ring, slipped it on my finger, followed the instructions, and read some old emails. When I read his words again — ‘You are wonderful, and I am lacking” — I was immediately able to decode his real meaning and intent! It was incredible! The decoder ring enabled me to have the following realization:

He knew his words would ignite a smoldering fire of pity and compassion. They made him seem like a self-effacing and humble man admitting his very human flaw and feeling ashamed of it. As well, those words made him seem honest. And insightful. Also, it was a way for him to seem as if he were tipping the balance of power back into my favor. He knew that I, the wonderful and powerful one, would then reconsider my negative judgement of his character and my decision to dump this admittedly flawed and humble man. He knew it would play on my mind enough to allow some room for doubt to creep back in, which would lessen my resolve. And it worked just as planned, as evidenced by my getting back together with him!


With just a few well-chosen words, he unraveled me. Psychopaths know just how to create a  loose little thread, and then sit back and wait as our minds tug at it and create a hole that lets doubt creep in.  It sure did, and then he crept in right after it!

Now, with the psychopath decoder ring, nothing he could say to me would make me go back to his mental abuse and devaluation. I am so very pleased with my purchase! I highly recommend the Psychopath Decoder Ring.”

~ An anonymous customer



  • Psychopaths are not like you. Do not attribute your emotions, morals or thought processes to them while the ring is in analysis mode. To do so will return false results.
  • Remember the ways in which psychopaths differ from you, no matter how hard to comprehend: They do not have a conscience. They do not have the ability to bond with others. They do not have the ability to love. There is no heart hiding in there, laying dormant and waiting for the right person or words to release it from its psychopathic bonds. There is no remorse. It will not emerge with a heartfelt and reasoned appeal to compassion or a description of the harm they inflicted, because they can not feel remorse nor can they feel compassion. There is no shame, only an unwavering belief in their superiority. What is there to be ashamed of when getting what they want is their goal in life and when they feel entitled to it by any means, when they feel they have the right to it and feel no one else has any rights at all? How can they feel shame for what they do when they do not have a conscience, and therefore are morally and ethically bankrupt? Analysis is done from this point of view. It is the only way the data processor within the ring can return accurate results.
Decoder Ring Analysis: He’s faking it!
  • The only goals a psychopath has are power, control, and self-gratification. Attributing their words or behavior to anything else will return false results.
  • The only emotions a psychopath can feel are contemptuous delight, rage, thrill, and bone-gnawing boredom. Do not attribute any other emotions to the psychopath while the Decoder Ring is working.
  • The one and only reason psychopaths need anyone is to get what they need. Read it, learn it, know it. The ring will work flawlessly if you do.
Psychopaths and the Matrix
Decoder Ring Analysis: She doesn’t act like she loves you because she doesn’t love you.
  • Imagine life from a psychopath’s perspective while the ring is in analysis mode: You live only by your own rules, which is really a lack of rules, except for one: Get what you want, however you can. You will manipulate, lie, tell the truth if it works, pretend you’re in love with someone, assassinate someone’s character, turn others against them, pretend to be someone you’re not, feign emotion, cheat, steal, get elected mayor, wear a cast and pretend you need help getting bags of groceries into your van, offer a lost college coed a ride home late at night, ask a child if he wants to see your new puppy, knock on someone’s door and say you’re having car trouble, and put a blue light on your car and pull women over and rape them. Kill any of them if you choose. Heck, why not? You got what you wanted — what the hell are they good for now? Getting you in trouble, that’s what, and you wouldn’t want your private party to come to an end. Besides, your ability to decide someone’s fate is the ultimate testament to your power. Keeping this point of view will help the Decoder Ring return an accurate analysis.

(*Before psychopaths far and wide descend upon the makers of the Decoder Ring with claims that not all of them are bad, we will say that not all of them would do everything on this list. It depends on what they want, how bored they are, or how enraged they are, in combination with the severity of their psychopathy. But all of them will do some of the things on the list because that’s all they have to work with.)

Fine Print:

Due to the nature of this product, we can provide no guarantee. Purchase at your own risk. May shatter empathic illusions. Failure to keep the instructions in mind during wear renders the decoder ring (and you!) powerless.

♥ No, the psychopathic decoder rings don’t actually exist, but that’s ok; the instructions are the important part.

A poem from Linda, the Resident Poet:


You advance, seeking weakness;
I stand, showing you my heart.
Taking two quick steps
You lunge with dire intent
And I parry with a poem.
Surprised, you falter and
I thrust beneath your guard,
Uncovering your darkness.
Returning to position
We bind our wounds, and wait.
En guard! We will begin again.

© Linda, April 2015

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“Such a great gem. One of my favorite books about this subject as the author paints such a clear picture of what these relationships are like.”

“Practical, concise, well-written and researched. Everyone should have a copy of this book. In fact, they should give one to every high school student. That would prevent a lot of people from getting involved in ‘?relationships’? with these hidden, manipulative predators. An easy five stars, I wish I could give it a hundred!”

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38 thoughts on “Get Your Psychopath Decoder Ring, While Supplies Last!”

  1. Clint

    I don’t know how many men are on here,but I am 2 years out of a psychopathic relationship, I wish I had the decoder ring 3 years ago, this site and the people on it,and all the testimonials have been key in my recovery,which 2 yrs in,I am just learning to trust again.and am absolutely terrified, to go on a date. But,everyone and everything on this site,taught me the first step,GET AWAY! I could not see,realize,or believe what I was going through until I GOT AWAY AND STAYED AWAY,thank you all.

    1. Admin

      Hi Clint. I’m so glad to hear the site has helped you and that you’re recovering! Don’t push yourself back into dating before you feel ready. You’ll know when you feel confident enough. You might find it’s a whole new experience, like I did. All the best to you.

      PS I’ll bet you don’t even need the decoder ring any more.

      1. Clint franklin

        Thanks so much, I suppose I should get comfortable in my own skin first.

        1. Admin

          Exactly. Don’t pressure yourself — you have enough to deal with.

          1. Clint franklin

            Thanks for hanging out with me tonight.

            1. Admin

              You’re welcome!

    2. Joe

      That’s so true.. I’m a man who married a sociopath woman, 7 years… two children… a nightmare (not the children they were a miracle but such a curse ‘co parenting’ with her) – it took me 6 years to figure out what she was AND to go ‘no contact’ after divorced her fir adultery among many other things – going no contact was probably single most effective step in my recovery .. stay strong and good luck, my friend..!! We will rise above it all, it just takes time… take care!

  2. Jan

    Needing some kind of ring like that right now so I can examine a new friendship that’s starting and have discernment about whether it’s a repeat or whether this is actually a good person. It’s honeymoon phase; we’ve had a couple of great chats; now suddenly I’m shocked at how frightened I’m feeling about it.
    So far there have been no signs of anything other than the fact that we have an awful lot in common.
    The wonderful difference of now is that, although it’s being fun to chat, I’m not feeling like I NEED a friendship.
    If a negative “surprise” happens, I’ll sure be aware of it and know what it’s about.
    Right now I’m feeling I need to slow way down in the development of this possible friendship, be observant, and just be ordinarily friendly, taking it easy.
    Perhaps 2 long chats in 2 days was too much. Yes.

    1. Admin

      Jan, it sounds to me as if you don’t need a decoder ring. Best of luck with your new friendship! I hope it turns out well.

  3. Narcbait

    It’s such a nightmare. Feels like I’ll never trust another person wholeheartedly again. I’m sticking with dating, FWB, and keeping things casual. I’ve broken things off with many men when they triggered my narc spidey sense. I feel I now have a superior picker because of the years of abuse, but at the same time, I’m avoiding appropriate relationships because I’m so broken and emotionally wrecked inside.

    It’s the gift that keeps giving.

    1. Admin

      It’s understandable that you feel the way you do after years of abuse. But please don’t settle for it as the way life has to be! Get whatever help you can. If what you’ve tried so far hasn’t helped you, try something else. Don’t give up.

      What you’ve experienced, and learned from it, has the potential to make you an exceptionally confident person. You have a superior picker, as you said. Imagine for a moment that you were to pick someone who was genuine and trustworthy and had absolutely nothing for you to fear; what are the fears about yourself that would stop you from having an appropriate relationship with that person? Those are the very things you should focus on. Maybe they’re simply beliefs that aren’t true at all. Maybe you’ve internalized negative things your abusers told you about yourself, which are all lies. These things (and you!) aren’t beyond repair. That’s a core belief that will stop any progress from happening. It will keep you stuck.

      It is the gift that keeps on giving but it doesn’t have to be in the way you’re experiencing it now. You can turn that around into something very positive. Of course it’s not really a ‘gift’ at all, but you can turn it into one depending on what you do with it. Without dark, there is no light. You’re in the light now. You’re free, really, but maybe you just can’t see it. If you were able to clear your fears from the path in front of you, you wouldn’t trip over them as you head into your future. Tackle them. Question their validity. Be ruthless. You’re worth it. xo

  4. Totallybel

    I’ve ordered a few from Amazon and knowing the origin of the product, all made to the highest possible standards, with only the highest quality ingredients used. I know as soon as it slips on my finger, it will be a perfect fit, all those instructions hard wired into purchaser, and will be loved and worn for many happy ( psycho free) years. I along with millions will post five star reviews and good fortune will be bestowed on the inventor of this powerful piece of jewellery.
    I always knew ye would find the cure, so much neater and prettier than this great big lump of a force field I had to haul around with me for the past 3 years, and it was never that reliable, too often breached with unfavourable consequences.
    This is one post for a woman but a giant leap for humankind.
    I think ye can see I love this, just bril, thanks Admin xxx

    1. Admin

      Force fields are so cumbersome! That’s why I teamed up with the most innovative designers alive today to create the decoder ring. Just wait until you see how it works! It’s truly a marvel!

      Thanks, Totallybel xxx

  5. Ann


    I dont understand. Is there really a decoder ring? and how can i get one?

    1. Admin

      Hi Ann! How I wish there were a psychopath decoder ring, because I’d be very rich! Alas, there is none, but the good news is that you don’t need one! It was making you do all the work anyway, by making you think about how psychopaths think when you attempt to analyze something they said or did. Really, if you’re stuck on something, follow the instructions. If you feel reasonably sure someone is a psychopath, it will work to bring you to the correct conclusion. And even if you’re not sure that they are, even to consider it means that person is someone you are much better off without :-)

  6. janes

    i think you are almost there with the software of PschoScaner. LOL and maybe one day manifacture the hard ware in China. LOL
    seriously, every email gets closer & closer to Translate their BS we experience in real life. These posts u send us are like the Dictionary Translation of their Genetic Make Up, Brain Chemistry, Brain Wiring diffrences then most peoples that are STRANGER THAN FICTION.
    In every new post U are reinventing yourself & refining our understanding of them for our lasting happiness , selflove ,sanity & a peaceful life.


    1. Admin

      Thank you once again for your enthusiastic support, Janes! You contribute to my happiness, too, with your exuberant energy.

      STRANGER THAN FICTION is a great name for the docu-drama! I’ll have to get started on it right away…

  7. Linda

    I never leave home without it! :-)

    1. Admin

      You can’t even if you tried, because the power is within you, not the ring! The secret is out!

  8. Linda

    Busted! :-) You’re right Admin! I carry my own anti-psychopath devices within me: the tools I’ve received here on your blog! Information, education, knowledge! I am armed!

    1. Admin

      I’m glad you found tools you can use here, Linda! That’s what it’s all about.

  9. janes

    i am very happy that the contribuitions are mutual.
    “i am watching out for the normal ones ” rings in my ears & combined that with your Validation posts, the i’ve been thinking about insecintly. They been my weak spots/Undetactables, thats how they get under my skin or as u say ” they boil the frog slowly” MIRROR THEM TO DEATH & NEVER CEASE TO YES, YES THEM.
    Their MO
    i’ve just remember thats also what they teach in any Sales Trainings. Coincidence , Coincidence
    Anyway, enjoy your weekend
    Until next time

    1. Admin

      You enjoy your weekend too, Janes. See you next time! :))

  10. Totallybel

    Hey, just for information, it is getting out there. I just watched ‘warm bodies’ a post apocalypse Zombie movie, Zombie Shakespere Romeo and Juliet. I see these characters all around, but in this movie, there I am the Corpse, for 20 years, and even though he nearly made me into a Boney ( so so scary) I didn’t make that transformation. I am still fighting battles, just got another summons 2 days ago for custody and access, so good to see I have on my side Johm Malkovich fighting the good fight. Check it out. I love this super powered by Admin ring xxx

    1. Admin

      I am so glad you did not become a Boney (that’s a new word for me)! Happy to hear the ring is working for you!

      Sorry to hear he’s taking you back to court. I was hoping he’d taken his last legal gasp. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, Totally bel!

  11. Marsha

    I love this article! Explains and reinforces everything we all have learned about psychopaths. My daughter told me the other day that the psycho treated me like a yoyo. Dropping me down, lifting me up again, just to drop me down harder. So much emotional pain. She said it must really bother him to know the string is broken. He lost his power since I no longer accept his calls (from jail) and don’t answer his hate filled letters. I read them only to see if there is anything the prosecutor might want to know or see. Just once. And then they go into a thick plastic bag to keep his negative energy away from me and my things. I moved to another state but expecting him to get a life sentence if justice prevails. What worries me is how clever their lies are and they have had a lifetime practicing their lies. He told me a few months ago that he never loved me. He begged me to marry him. I finally gave in. After reading the articles in this site I understand he didn’t love me. How could he? The only thing he has ever enjoyed is hurting others. He has no way to understand or feel love. He is a psychopath. But until this site, I wondered if he was just saying he didn’t love me to hurt me once he knew I was working with police. This site helped me understand. He lost his power with me and the string cannot be repaired. Hoping the next yoyo is not a guard at the prison he will be going to. Best revenge is to keep working on healing and have a happy life. He may hear through the grapevine or not, but if he does it will disappoint him to know that though I felt destroyed, I am rising again and will be better than before I ever met him! Never forget: no contact. Contact gives them power to hurt you again. And they will. Thank you for keeping this site available!

    1. Admin

      I’m so glad you liked the post! I wanted to find a more creative and memorable way of conveying the information, since it’s already all over this website.

      I love your daughter’s yoyo analogy. It’s perfect. In fact, it would be great in a blog post!

      You have a good plan in place — no contact, keep working on healing, and having a happy life. I wish you all the best, Marsha.

    2. Linda

      That is the perfect analogy Marsha! I did feel like a yoyo! It was exhausting, and painful beyond anything I had ever experienced. The relief, since I left him, has been tremendous. We certainly are fortunate to have this blog to support and inform us all!

  12. Brightie

    haha, bone-gnawing boredom! God, I’m so glad I am a normal person, living day to day life, having awe for the littlest things in nature, around me and I am greatful for the happy thoughts and bright people here and in my life. It’s so good to be free! I got back from my seaside vacatio with my son, batteries recharged, ready for work and new battles! September will be demanding, with having to go to court and seeing my ex P there for the divorce issues. I’ll definitely use my ring then!! thx for this post :)

    1. Admin

      I couldn’t just say “boredom,” since their boredom is something else entirely!
      I’m so glad to hear you had a good vacation and your batteries are re-charged. All the best to YOU, Brightie, in your upcoming court battles. May the force be with you!

      1. Brightie

        Great choice of words, as always, Admin! thank you and have a nice week!

        1. Admin

          I hope you do too, Brightie!

  13. Danielle

    I have so much admiration and I would give anything to feel joy and peace of mind. I always felt so isolated and that pushed me towards the wrong relationships, but this time I thought “He is so gentle, strong, down to earth….he had seen me from a distance 20 years ago ( that was absolutely true. It checks) and than over ONE word, he threw me overboard, after weeks of mega texts, calls dinners, plans. He blocked me and swore never to contact me or for me to contact him. Thank goodness, I had not slept with him yet….but how could I have not see it coming. Its very recent and it hurts SO much. Help!

    1. Adelyn Birch

      Danielle, that’s terrible and I’m so sorry to hear it happened to you.

      I can’t help but think it was his plan from the start, and a truly nasty one. No normal person who is truly interested in someone would suddenly flip the switch to “off” and end it without a word except to say there would be no more contact. His actions seem malicious and lack any hint of empathy. Not too long ago I read an article about “ghosting” and the author made it seem as if it’s common and has become a way for people to end relationships without any hassle to them — they just disappear or stop answering the phone, and not just with new relationships. I was stunned. I think there’s a lot more to it than being just some new trend. To me, it suggests extreme self-absorption, total disregard for the feelings of others, and cold-hearted callousness. This is not something normal people do — it’s something the narcissistic and psychopathic do. I know it must hurt terribly. Look at it this way — you didn’t actually lose a great guy; you lost a cold-hearted person who would have shown his true colors sooner or later.

      There is nothing you could have done, without even being aware of it, that would warrant such cruelty. In other words, don’t blame yourself. It had nothing to do with you. Even without self-blame, you’ve had the shock of becoming involved with someone you believed in but who turned into someone heartless who intentionally hurt you, and that’s no small thing to come to terms with. It doesn’t take long for a person without empathy to cause serious harm. It’s always totally unexpected when it happens. They are a shock to our system; not only what they do to us, but that they even exist at all. This is a large part of what we’re left to deal with. It’s significant. Make sure to explore your feelings about this aspect of it.

      I hope you’ll find the support you need, Danielle. Best wishes to you.

    2. Linda

      Danielle, these predators know, to the last detail, how to gauge our needs and unmet longings. They can project and mirror precisely the person of our dreams. Then, whether they slowly devalue us or suddenly disappear, they know that the pain and despair they leave behind will be devastating, and that is their goal, that is where they get their thrills. It is incomprehensible to normal people, but it is true. I can tell you that although it does seem beyond bearing now, and it will take time to become less so, you will eventually know peace and joy again. The pain will come in waves, but less and less frequently over time. Everything that Adelyn has written on this blog has proven true for me. My heart hurts for you , but I also know that you can find freedom again. I have done so, as have so many others. Read the pages on recovering, and read the comments. You will find the tools here. There is more than hope: there is the promise of freedom ahead for you! The shock is profound now, but on the other side of this nightmare is greater strength and self-confidence than you have ever known. – xx

      1. Danielle

        Thank you Linda, I already feel a little less pain, thanks to the comments I have received today. I had been seeing a wonderful therapist for something totally different. She was away when all of this happened, but she told me how fortunate I was not to have slept with him, that very often that kind of emotional abusers become physically violent as a ” follow up”. The whole thing happened so fast, but tonight I realise there were signs that I had chosen to ignore, because , you are so right, he knew exactly what I wanted to hear. This site is excellent and I will stay with it

  14. Danielle

    Thank you so very much. this is a wonderful site. You have helped so much.

    1. Adelyn Birch

      I’m so glad to hear it. Thank you!

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