More Awe and Beauty


More awe and beauty to remind you that life is much more than what you can see right now. This may resonate with you in an unexpected way.

Watch Felix Baumgartner, jumping into the void from 128,000 feet (24+ miles up) and reaching a speed of 834 MPH, without a vehicle. He felt so alone when he jumped (despite a team of engineers and experts and his family waiting for him below). His words just before jumping were these: “…I wish the world could see what I can see. Sometimes you have to get up really high to understand how small you really are. I’m going home now.” He said those words not knowing if he would live or die. He was scared shitless and he didn’t know the outcome of hurling himself into the void… just like you. You are just as brave. Even if someone pushed you.

♥ Thank you for reading.

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2 thoughts on “More Awe and Beauty”

  1. GettingMySparkleBack

    Truly awe inspiring.

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