“I love you” are the three most powerful words ever spoken.

They connect, transform and heal.

When those words are said but not meant, they are something else entirely; they are implements of harm, and foretell of bad things to come. When “I love you” is a lie, it is uttered to get something from someone. In the case of the psychopath, “I love you” is always a lie because they aren’t capable of love. They use these words as a means to their own ends because they know the enormous power those words have over those of us who are capable of love.

Psychopaths are pathological liars who say “I love you” to get past our defenses in order to gain our love and trust, which makes us vulnerable. There’s nothing wrong with being vulnerable with a normal person; it allows true intimacy to develop. But being vulnerable with a psychopath gives them free reign to rape and pillage our hearts, minds, bodies and souls.

Psychopaths see love and vulnerability as laughable flaws that make us weak and make us easy prey.Once they gain our love, their fun begins. Entertainment for a psychopath is manipulating a victim into loving them and then taking their “love” away…and then watching that person trying to regain that love, trying to figure out what’s going wrong, trying to make it right, trying…But of course nothing works because there was no love, but the psychopath keeps blaming their victim for the gradual demise of the “relationship.” Maybe it’s her neediness or her insecurity (carefully manipulated by the psychopath, by the way), weaknesses he sees as pathetic and as a reason to end the relationship with maximum vitriol and infliction of harm.

“Since psychopaths are sadists, he relishes seeing her suffer from a combination of jealousy, wounded pride and helpless love.”

~ Abuse Sanctuary


♥ Please read the page, “Road Map to Healing” to get started on your road to recovery.




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