Psychopaths and Love, the Book, is Now Available

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Psychopaths and Love is now available as a book!

I’ve taken the best and most popular posts and pages (through November 2013) and organized them to give you what you need to know, in a logical and concise way.

Learn what a psychopath is and how to possibly spot one if you’re being pursued. Find out what makes you vulnerable. Read about how the psychopathic bond is created and how you get trapped in it. Learn how to tell if you’re being manipulated. And get ideas about healing afterward, along with preventing it from happening again — or for the first time.

This book is perfect for you if:

  • You want a greater understanding of these pathological relationships, presented in a concise and logical way, from someone who has experienced it.
  • You are or know of a young person just entering the dating arena. Awareness may help! It’s certainly not foolproof, but at least it can give you or someone else a chance.
  • You’re out there dating after many years as a single person, or you’re just getting back to it after a breakup or divorce.
  • You’re female, male, gay, straight, or other. Although I write this blog from the point of view I experienced, I’ve heard from many people from all walks of life who tell me it applies to their situation, too.
  • You’re breathing (no one is immune).

Many Thanks to the Amazon readers who wrote these reviews:

“I wish I could have read this half year ago. Thanks a million.” Liu

“I cannot tell you how much this has helped me today. I cannot get anything done because I can’t stop reading! My whole life has been a mess because of these men. My eyes are finally opened – maybe a bit late, but still opened.”  SuckerNoMore

“Thank you for making me feel sane again.” Tom

“I wish I had read this years ago; it would have saved me money, heartbreak and pain. I met a one eight years ago and I believed I was with the man of my dreams. It’s been a nightmare. I often wondered how I got caught up in this crap but reading about it has open my eyes.” Michelle

“I truly believe this info saved my life! I thank God I found it and I thank God you are eloquent enough to cut right thru to all the things I have been experiencing with this monster but was never able to verbalize! it felt like you were speaking directly to me! Thank you again for all the incredibly insightful info.”  Duped

“If you have been the victim of a psychopath or you think you may be the next target of a psychopath, this book lays it all out for you. It is short, succinct, and gets right to the core of the predator.” – J. Hunter

“Crisp and clear, this book cuts to the chase. No phony baloney about it! If you want to find out what makes a psychopath tick, this book is a great resource. AB Admin unmasks the impostor and vividly shows the nature of the person within. And the artwork is an unexpected bonus in a revealing study.” -JM Short, author of Carnal Abuse by Deceit: How a Predator’s Lies Became Rape

“I read this book from cover to cover in less than a day because I just could not put it down. I am so grateful to the author for putting this together. I found that it really expanded my understanding of this condition and how a relationship with a psychopath had destroyed my being. I feel like this book will be of profound help with my healing and also in helping me to avoid these very sick people in the future.” – Letitia

“Before I became involved with a psychopathic lover, I did not know such a person existed. This book describes the whole disturbing process so succinctly, I felt we could be writing about the same person.” -Kate

“This was an excellent comprehensive compilation of everything Psychopathy! I have read all the books and A. B. Admin did a tremendous job of organizing and detailing the ins and outs of the psychopathic personality and his victims. I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone interested in all there is to know about these heinous personalities.” -Free Girl

“I’ve read several books regarding narcissists and psychopaths, and this is book by far has the most comprehensive and compelling information. Every person on the planet should read it!” -Hawtof

“The best few hours I have spent, reading Psychopaths and Love by AB Admin. Now I perfectly understand what I couldn’t for 20 years…This book holds no punches, all one gets is the truth, brutal, startling, sickening…but written with compassion for the reader and hope of healing. Dipping into the website where the compassion and kindness shines through, illuminating all the darkness psychopathy thrives in. Keep shining the light, expose their deepest darkest evil ways. Thank you.” -Belinda

“A must read for victims. This book has made such a positive impact on my life. It gave me comfort and has helped me move ahead and made me realize that what I lived through was not my fault. I now understand that I was groomed and brainwashed. What a relief to know I am not alone. I had no idea this type of person existed. This book and others like it have helped me to stop feeling ashamed for being victimized and has helped me to heal. I was able to reunite with my husband (not the psychopath) and to resume a life of normalcy. I will never understand why the paychpath did what he did to me but I now have awareness and tools to ensure it never happens again. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your story and in turn, saving lives.”

“This book should be required reading for ALL high school students. I’m sure it would be a value able resource for mental health.”

“I loved the author’s ability to simply and compassionately describe why, and how, I feel victim to a monster. For me, she eloquently describes the most complex, confusing, horrific experience of my life. It’s critical to organize the voluminous amounts of information in a way that, even if you have never met a Psychopath, you will have a clear, concise understanding of how these predators operate. To the author, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“At first glance, this book looks like a typical flash-in-pan pop psychology book, but i found it to be truly insightful and helpful. It will leave the average person incredulous but if you have ever been tangled in the web of a psychopath you will clearly see the truth and wisdom in every word. You will feel the healing power of finally being understood.”

“I have suffered from several relationships with psychopaths, and this book did a lot to help me see what was done to me. It will help me with my healing a great deal. I recommend this book to anyone who suspects they may have been similarly victimized.”

“Excellent read. This booked helped me in my struggle. I’m so glad I bought it and only wish I had read it sooner!”

“If I had read some of these articles before I was left to rot in hell I wouldn’t of tried to take my own life. I made him look normal because I went mad, and I’m sure others have done it, too. Let’s all stick together you know like a family. Were all in the same boat. Let’s raise awareness.” 

♥ Love to all of you.


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