Faith That You Will Heal is the Key to Healing

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In your darkest hours,

you may wonder if you will ever heal from something as awful as what you have been through, having been the victim of a psychopath. The experience might have left you questioning the meaning and purpose of your life, and of life in general. It may have shaken your belief in all you thought you knew about human nature, and left you feeling uncertain about everything, including yourself.

Where do you go from here?

There are some first steps that can get you started on the road that leads you up and out of the dark place you find yourself in now.

Gaining a clear understanding of what happened is necessary. It’s important to have this understanding because when you do, you can begin to stop blaming yourself for what happened. This will start the process of regaining faith and trust in yourself.

nother vital part of the foundation of healing is faith. This doesn’t mean religious faith (although if you have it, that may be another source of strength); it refers to the belief that you will heal. Having faith that you will eventually heal means that even after all you’ve been through, you want to heal and you believe that you will, even if at this point you have no idea how that will happen.

Faith that you will heal is a powerful first step. It’s empowering to know that you need only your own faith in order for the healing process to begin. It’s really faith in yourself, and it is still within you even if you fear that you’ve lost it. Making a decision to have this faith, no matter how you’re feeling now, will give you the positive energy and determination that will guide you through.

Even if you have no idea how healing could be possible after what you’ve endured, it will work. You don’t need to know how it will happen in order to start the process. You only need to have faith that it will.

Since you can’t change the reality of what happened, regaining your faith and trust in yourself, in your strength and resilience, should be your primary goal. Psychopaths damage our self confidence, self respect and self worth, among other things. You can regain them, and in doing so develop even more than you had before.

From great adversity comes great strength. Just as the strongest steel is forged in the hottest fire, we too are forged and strengthened by our worst struggles, which one day will turn into triumphs.

In this moment, take a deep breath and feel the faith that you will heal, the faith that is the foundation of your healing.




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