Psychopathic Seduction Secrets, Revealed!

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How do such cold and calculating predators make themselves seem alluring and desirable? 


Seduction Secrets of the


♥ Psychopaths have a grandiose, unshakable, pathological sense of self-confidence.

♥ They feel no fear, so they have no social anxiety. They can approach anyone without becoming nervous.

♥ They are compulsive, unrepentant liars who will say anything to get what they want. They have no integrity, so honesty means nothing to them

♥ They’re predators, so they focus on their target like a laser beam. It’s the focus of a predator on his prey, adorned with a smile. Literally.

♥ That intense focus allows them to be totally present, which feels so very pleasing to the target.

♥ They have no identity, so they can be whomever their target needs them to be. They put on personas the way others put on a pair of pants.

♥ They’re astute psychologists with the ability to clearly and easily see someone’s vulnerabilities.

♥ Manipulation comes naturally, so they know just how to exploit those vulnerabilities.

♥ They also manipulate so well because they have no other way of dealing with people and no other reason for dealing with them.

♥ They have no conscience, so they don’t feel bad about anything they do. They have no problem looking themselves in the eye after manipulating, using and damaging someone.

♥ They have no morals. They know the difference between right and wrong, but they just don’t care.

♥ They have no ability to love, but they have the ability to act as if they do.

♥ They don’t honor commitments, but they don’t hesitate to make them anyway if it gets them what they want.

♥ They take no responsibility for their own actions.

♥ They become bored quickly, which drives them to move from one victim to the next to the next.

♥ Their lives are an empty and meaningless game, so they have nothing better to do or more meaningful to offer. 



Why is the seduction of the psychopath so powerful?
Because it is the art of the con wrapped in the beautiful illusion of love.

~ Unknown



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