Who Dares Conquer?

A short poem by me, for you!

Who Dares Conquer?


We stand within a dream



And nothing in between

Alone amid a distant place,

Our backs are turned to beauty

And to grace.

Before accepting

Of defeat

Let wonder slip

Between your mind

And soul!

Allow your ship to sail

Upon the azure sky,

Among unnumbered stars

Of  silent gold.

Who dares conquer

Slumber’s sorrow

Shall behold the dawn.


And although bereaved,

Shall dwell within a sweet reprieve.

 Poem by Adelyn Birch


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15 thoughts on “Who Dares Conquer?”

  1. Debbie

    I love the artwork! Moons capes are always terrific.

    1. Admin

      Yes, the artwork is wonderful — I get all my photos on Pixabay.

  2. Kato

    That was simply beautiful.

    1. Admin

      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Anna

    Thank you Admin.

    1. Admin

      You’re welcome, Anna.

  4. Admin

    I’m sorry you’re still being put through such hell, Nicola. They surely are moral criminals — I’ve described it that way myself many times, in attempting to explain what he did. It still may be a way off, but one day you will have that sweet reprieve when he is out of your life once and for all. In the meantime, please take care of yourself as best you can. Big hug to you.

  5. janes

    Very Deep & Touching ( since ESL, i had to translate a lot of words.lol)
    is your new Book going to be on Poetry?
    i still need to finish reading your last 2 Books & write comment on amazon. i looked through your last 2 Books & even though titles looks fimilliar to your posts, i saw a lot of new crucial info in our journey in throughly understanding these CHILDREN OF DESTRUCTION (they distruct anything they come in contact with & infect the good people too along the way :((((

    we both luv these sayings. i taught u might like this version but i think u already new it.

    Nicola Paull my heart goes out to you! it is one of the saddest situation i had ever read here.
    you are in the right place( as u already know) to get your needed dose of “SPINACH” from Admins “LIGHT BULBS”, LOL

    Admin, i now understand how Ps dont have Music/Substance in there speechs, acts, love, writings ect, when u suggested me to read Semantic Aphasia by Hervey Cleckly

    Thank U for Sharing, Thank U for Teaching, Thank U for Elevating Humanity, Thank U for Enlightening the ones who are suffering in the dark…………………
    U are a gifted Teacher & a Leader !
    Anxiously waiting for your next post (hurry up will u , LOL ;)

    1. Admin

      My new book, if there ever is one, will not be on poetry. This is the only poem I’ve written since I was school. I just suddenly felt like writing a poem for some reason. I don’t know if I’ll be doing it again. Besides, I have to let you catch up on the other books first…

      Thanks for supporting Nicola. She’s really going through an incredibly difficult time.

      Semantic aphasia as Cleckly describes it hits the nail on the head — there is no real meaning behind a psychopath’s words because there is no real UNDERSTANDING of what they’re saying when they talk about love, emotions, things like that. But some psychopaths actually do write poetry. Mine wrote one, although it was very rudimentary, and general enough to be recycled; I suspect I wasn’t the first to receive it. The BTK killer and the Zodiac killer also wrote poetry. Scary poetry.

      THANK U so very much for all of your kind words, Janes!

  6. Dee

    This is just lovely. This journey we are on is a hero’s journey. We become our own hero’s because we are the only ones who can save ourselves. We face emotional battles we never even imagined existed. The idea that love was a lie and the one we adored felt nothing but contempt for us is soul crushing. So, here we all stand, together with a common purpose, to find ourselves again, or maybe to find ourselves for the first time. Thanks Admin, for the amazing blueprint for us to follow.

    1. Admin

      Dee, thank you very much. And as a matter of fact, I’m actually at work on a blueprint to follow! It’s almost complete and I’ll be posting it in the near future.

      1. Nicola

        Thank you for the kind words. They go a long way when our ears become familiar with lies, being blamed, and not being believed.
        A Blueprint is a simply marvelous idea Admin.
        It’s one thing to research victimisation by a psychopath in the early days, but I really wish I had been prepared better for the extraneous stuff, like friends siding with the charmer, famiy refusing to believe or support you (you made your own bed, now lie in it), and in particular, fraudulent or incompetent mental health professionals and organisations and dangerous online ‘support group’ behaviour.
        My first year was spent lurching from one nightmare to the next from reaching out for help in all the wrong places, adding to the suffering.

        1. Admin

          I often say what ends up being the worst part of the whole debacle, when all is said and done, is the lack of support afterward, the friends and family blaming or being completely un-empathetic, and not being believed by anyone, including mental health professionals. It’s all too common. And in cases like yours, where the ex goes on to “turn the tables” and try to make the victim look like the abuser, it’s taken to an even lower level. The abuser purposely tries to ensure the victim gets no support, and even worse, that he or she is seen as the perpetrator. If only people could see the truth! They are being duped, just like we were, and they have no clue. It’s a bitter irony.

          I wish I knew what to say other than just hang on, just survive and make it through this period of your life and then take it from there. Do it because you believe in yourself and because you know the truth, even if no one else does. Do it because you know you’re worth it. Do it because you have faith that you’ll one day move into another time in life that will be different but good, and maybe even better than it was before. We are often left being the ones who have to save ourselves, just when we need help most. But it is possible, and when you’ve become the hero you needed in your own life, you will go on to believe in yourself like you never have before. Your own strength and resilience will surprise you, and they are yours to keep. Even if you doubt that you have enough of them now, what you’ll find is that they develop along the way out of necessity. I’m not making this up — resilience is not something we’re born with; it’s something that develops when it’s needed.

          I wrote an article about it: Resilience

  7. Linda

    Lovely! And true! xx

    1. Admin

      Thank you, Linda.

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