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Heartfelt holiday wishes, gratitude and thanks to each of you, without whom this website would be nothing more than words written on the ether. They are only given meaning when they connect with you.

 May the holidays and the coming year bring you abundant Love, Peace and Joy.





A beautiful holiday poem from Linda…





Each Christmas Eve, at midnight,
Beneath the Southern skies,
A miracle most marvelous
Occurs for those whose eyes
Can see such wonders, and whose hearts
Can celebrate delight:
The animals begin to gather,
Moving through the night;
The great and small, the fierce and mild,
The predator and prey,
Come now to stand together
Putting enmity away
And in this moment out of time
All natural instincts cease;
They honor Him who gave them life
With this, their gift of peace.
In silence every animal
Stands waiting, hushed and calm,
Released from ancient heritage
Of anger and alarm;
All heads are turned together toward
The blazing heavens afar,
All eyes are gazing, wondering,
At one great glorious star.

© Linda ~ 1996

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