The Big List of Psychopathy Characteristics, Part 2



 Part 2

The Big List of Psychopathy Characteristics


Today the list includes affective (emotional) characteristics of psychopathy. Again, these are things the psychopath tries to hide.

The characteristics of psychopathy are divided into three groups: Cognitive (thought), affective (emotion), and behavior (actions).

The next post will cover behavioral characteristics.


34 Affective (emotional) Characteristics of Psychopathy


Feels scorn for others. Scorn means “the feeling or belief that someone or something is worthless or despicable; contempt.” Psychopaths feel that others are not worthy of respect or approval. They reject others as contemptible and unworthy.

Deceitful — Deceives people into believing that he is charming, intelligent, likeable, impressive, and successful. Grooms people to believe in him, before he abuses or destroys them.

Confident — A psychopath has total and complete confidence in himself or herself. “Psychopaths are confident primarily about two things: their skill in manipulating, and their understanding of human nature, especially of neurotic individuals. It’s our very nature that gives psychopaths their confidence.” To read more, see ‘Untouchable: The Chilling Confidence of Psychopaths’ from George Simon, PhD.

Lacks remorse.

Lacks shame.

Sees others only as objects — To a psychopath we are no different than a chair, a tree or some shiny thing. According to one psychopath, “a table is made of wood and nails and glue, and a child is made of bones and skin and blood.” That sums it up pretty well.

Dehumanization of others — Views others as not human. Sees others as mere objects. Does not comprehend the value, rights or individuality of other people. Dehumanization prevents compassion.  Example: How slaves were/are thought of and treated.

No regard for the needs or rights of others.

Respects only himself, therefore he as no respect for anyone else.

Other people exist just to serve his purpose.

Not neurotic — Neurotic people are often worried or fearful about something. Psychopaths aren’t fearful and don’t worry about anything. “One of the ways that folks become embroiled in abusive or exploitative relationships is by falling prey to concerns about the way their character-disordered partner is feeling.” Read more from Dr. G. Simon about Neurosis vs. Character Disorder: The Role of Feelings 

Empathetic — But not in the usual way! Psychopaths experience ‘cold’ empathy, meaning they know what you’re feeling — but they don’t internalize it and feel sympathy, which is what makes for our ‘warm’ empathy.  Theirs is a cognitive empathy rather than an emotional empathy. Their cold empathy is what makes it possible for them to manipulate us. They know what we’re thinking, what we’re feeling, and what we want in our heart of hearts — but they only care about what it will get them.

Feels emotionally empty — but views it as a strength.

Feels no mercy.

Has no fear of abandonment.

Has no anxiety.

No fear of punishment

No fear of the future.

No fear of anything.

A good actor — a psychopath doesn’t have any real emotions, other than anger. They are only able to mimic emotions and facial expressions, which they do to blend in and to manipulate people. Much of the time, they pull it off pretty well. Sometimes they don’t quite get there.

Loss has no meaning.

Ruthless — Goes after what he wants with single-minded focus, with no pity or compassion.

Does not feel any love, friendship, sympathy or affection.

Cannot stand frustration.

Cannot stand boredom — Needs a lot of stimulation. Without it he becomes bored, which is the nemesis of a psychopath. “Damned if you do, bored if you don’t.”

Easily irritated or upset.

Rage — from his identity being exposed or harmed.

Rage — from losing control of someone.

Lack of sadness.

Hates animals, and believes the love others have for their pets is contemptible. This makes them want to hurt those pets. Weirdly enough, some psychopaths will cry like babies when their dog dies, even after they’ve let it run through traffic. I have no explanation for this. EDITED: I just found this: “Psychopaths gravitate toward dogs since they are obedient and easy to manipulate. Ronson says he spoke with individuals who would qualify as psychopaths who told him they aren’t sad when they hear about people dying. “But they get really upset when their dogs die because their dogs offer unconditional love.” Are psychopaths “dog people”?

Admires himself and likes himself. He is genuinely pleased and satisfied with himself.

Believes no criticism of him is valid.

Sexual relationships are impersonal (although he or she may act otherwise)

Does not trust anyone.




Attachment is the deep connection established between two people. It profoundly affects the ability to express emotions and develop relationships. The psychopath cannot attach, so he cannot form real and meaningful relationships.


♥ Coming soon…The Big List of Psychopathy Characteristics, Part 3 — Behavior



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“Such a great gem. One of my favorite books about this subject as the author paints such a clear picture of what these relationships are like.”

“Practical, concise, well-written and researched. Everyone should have a copy of this book. In fact, they should give one to every high school student. That would prevent a lot of people from getting involved in ‘?relationships’? with these hidden, manipulative predators. An easy five stars, I wish I could give it a hundred!”

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15 thoughts on “The Big List of Psychopathy Characteristics, Part 2”

  1. kate

    Dear writer,

    I read your book on Kindle. Nice work. I have read all your posts after my relationship with a phycopath. The longer I am parted fRom him, the more everything becomes clearer and I am healing. I must thank you for all your work. You are a blessing to anyone who has lived through the nightmare.


    1. Admin

      Thank you so much, Kate. I truly appreciate that. I’m so glad to hear you’re healing.

  2. dav

    I can’t believe a person like that was in my life for ten years, and just to destroy. I treated him and his family with nothing but kindness. I was being conned the whole time. Sociopaths really destroy you life, if they are in it long enough. Thank You for the list. Every one should have this.

    1. Admin

      Thank you for your comment. I wish you all the best.

  3. Kristine Slough

    I have lived in a relationship like this for 10+ years. He discarded me and our son after I finally realized what he was and unmasked him. Now even though we are not yet divorced he has already found another victim. I am slowly healing from this relationship but cannot help but wonder if he will ever change and realize what he has lost.

    1. Admin

      I’m very sorry to hear what happened to you and your son. I’m glad to hear you figured out what was going on, and that you’re healing. If he is really a psychopath, and you seem certain he is, he will not be capable of change or of realizing what he’s lost. Warm wishes to you.

  4. Reality

    Hi admin.

    in the list with the affective characteristics you put the word ‘Empathetic’ instead of ,’ Not empathetic’ for the psycopath. Despite you explain what you mean about their cognitive empathy it still can create some confusion temporarilt in the way it is written.


    1. Admin

      Hi, Reality. I think I cleared it up — thanks for pointing it out. I left empathetic, but explained it better right from the start. They are actually amazingly empathetic — although it’s ‘cold empathy’ — so to say ‘non-empathetic’ doesn’t feel exactly right. Yet it does. Yet it doesn’t…Yet…it’s confusing.

  5. J S Victim

    Very early on, Spathtard JS said to me ” I like myself and I like my life the way it is”. Married and divorced 4 times, alcoholic, sucks in bed, bankrupt, living (sponging) with Mommy in her basement, driving his dead father’s car, liar, manipulator, loser……..loser…………LOSER! Your a LOSER your highness! and people think you are weird and creepy and gay (no offense to gay people intended) except for your loser “friends” and some of them say you are weird and creepy and probably bi. All part of the wonderful YOU!! A Hat.
    Interesting……..I would ask him why he was mad…….I’m not mad i’m frustrated.
    Sexual relationships impersonal?? Understatement and WHAT sexual relationship? LOL
    I think he killed his parents dog and was planing on doing something so that my dog came to a bad ending and me possibly.
    I could give examples of almost every one of your items except respecting himself. Admiring and esteeming himself, yes……respecting? Not so much. I’ve never seen a “grown” “man” with less self respect.

    1. Admin

      He sure ticks off all the items on the list, doesn’t he?!

      Some of them hide these things very well. For example, they’re great at making a sexual relationship seem very personal in some cases (like my own), when actually what they’re thinking is very, very different. But then the slip happens, and you find out what they’re really thinking.

      1. JS Victim

        all I know is that he couldn’t be bothered to get off his f’ing back and seriously?? When someone acts like they are being asked to paint your house or shoot their mother because you would like a little………..interest?? It’s just a little bit of a mood killer Spathtard. Did I mention that he is a LOSER??

        1. JS Victim

          I actually saw him the other day and was like…………um………………….W T F?? I thought I was in love with THAT?? Kind of goes back to how I really wasn’t attracted to him initially ANYhow! Manipulate much JS Spathtard?

          1. Admin

            It’s amazing how different they look when the spell is broken.

        2. Admin

          It would certainly be a mood-killer! Hmmm…I think you may have mentioned that he was a loser a couple of times.

          1. JS Victim

            :) :) Just wanted to be sure!

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