hearts of the psychopath's victims

On an average day,

between 400 and 700 visitors come to this website. Consistently, about 150 of you are returning again after having visited before.

Yesterday, over 600 people visited. You came from 36 different countries, including the U.S., Ireland, England, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, India, Norway, Sweden, Romania, Turkey, South Africa, Kenya, Greece, Vietnam, Croatia, Nigeria, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Monaco, Taiwan, Albania, China, Sri Lanka, Denmark and Iceland.

So many visitors from so many places, all who have something in common — you have all been through an incomprehensible experience and are searching for answers. But your experience with a psychopathic person is not the only thing you have in common. You are also determined, resourceful and brave, and those strengths will take you far.

I want to acknowledge each of you who comes looking for answers, for understanding, and for help. I hope you find these things, and more. And if not here, then somewhere.

♥ My warmest wishes to all of you.



“You will feel the healing power of finally being understood.”

“If you have been the victim of a psychopath or you think you may be the next target of a psychopath, this book lays it all out for you. It is short, succinct, and gets right to the core of the predator.”

“I loved the author’s ability to simply and compassionately describe why, and how, I feel victim to a monster. For me, she eloquently describes the most complex, confusing, horrific experience of my life. It’s critical to organize the voluminous amounts of information in a way that, even if you have never met a Psychopath, you will have a clear, concise understanding of how these predators operate. To the author, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

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