Never let anyone get away with manipulating you again. Empower yourself! Identifying covert emotional manipulation is tricky. You sense something is wrong, but you can’t quite put your finger on the problem. Covert emotional manipulation tactics are underhanded methods of control. Emotional manipulation methodically wears down your self-worth and damages your trust in your own perceptions. It can make you unwittingly compromise your personal boundaries and lose your self-respect, and even lead to a warped concept of yourself and of reality. Many of us know this all too well.

Psychopaths and Love has been online for 3 years this month. Hard to believe. I couldn’t have done it without you. Together, we all help each other. None of us can do it alone! Thanks to each of you for supporting me in my mission through the years.

I’m excited to share with you that I have just released the paperback version of 30 Covert Emotional Manipulation Tactics,  after updating and expanding the content. This book is a concise guide that will help you learn the tactics manipulators use and recognize them in all of your relationships.  Knowledge is power!  This book has already helped many people, and I wouldn’t want you to miss it. Protect yourself from users, exploiters and manipulators.


“Shocking…This book has helped me understand that it is not my fault. I have been controlled. This has helped me stop my endless loop of self recrimination over the failure of my marriage.”

“Clearly written by a person who has lived with manipulators of all sorts. If you’ve ever thought you were crazy, or that you just can’t figure out what’s going on with a person in your life, this book can help.”

“An excellent and concise guide to emotional abuse. Here is a concise listing with well written descriptions of each method and tactic of emotional abusers. In my opinion everyone should read this book. Forewarned is forearmed.”

“Unbelievable that a book would be like a script of someones actions…”


“This book was very helpful. Very easy and quick to read. I am leaving an abusive relationship and I can relate to every tactic in this book. Every one of these tactics has been used against me. Gaining knowledge and learning how to identify what is being done is very empowering.”

“Eye opening for sure! This was like reading a textbook of my doubts, fears, and insecurities. I can finally be free from the bondage.”

“Five Stars. Wonderful book… another great source of recovery from psychopaths.”


“Impressive! Short, direct, and thought-provoking. I only wish I had read it years ago! Every young person should read this before dating!”

“Clear, concise, accurate portrayal of complex subject matter impacting many people. I appreciate the accessibility to the general public of a topic that is often overlooked, but impacts morale not only in romantic relationships, but in the family, at work and in myriad social situations.”

“Wow. What a sap I’ve been. I’ve been victimized by a control freak domineering wife for nearly 30 years. I knew I was passive but I had no idea how cutthroat she really was. Very eye opening.”

“This author nails it. Some examples were direct quotes from people I know, so I know I am not alone in having been manipulated. It is directly applicable to my life and gives excellent guidance for how to recognize and therefore avoid manipulations in the future. I am recommending it to a number of my friends.”


“I did not realize how detrimental this type of abuse was until I experienced it myself. This book brought to light the true culprit of the issues and manipulation I went through in my past relationship. It has freed me from the emotional entanglement since reading and I finally feel like me again. Thank you!”

“Very insightful. I liked how the author cut right to the meat. If I had my way this book would be required high school and/or college reading.”

“This book helped me name so many of the experiences I have had in a manipulative relationship. It was so valuable to me!”

“This short and direct work is worth your time. In many lives people get worked over without ever knowing it. Some of us are used by “friends” over and over yet we don’t see it. This book points out a lot of things we should be very aware of in order for successful relationships. Well done.”

“Knowing the tactics made me far less emotional about what has been happening, better able to deal with the manipulation. Consequently, I look less crazy, I count that as a win!”

“BRAVO! Everyone should read this… if your’re in a controlling relationship, man or woman, this will help you spell it out. Don’t let these people in at ANY’s not worth your LIFE.”

“Short and right to the point. This book provides instant clarity.”


“Must read for anyone who interacts with other people, ever! VERY useful information everyone should be aware of!”

“Great resource. Very accurate and to the point book. Everybody should read it. I regret I’m reading it so late in life. Better to read it in late teens-early twenties.”

“Great! This is one of those great little book that you come across once in a while. The book is short because it left all the bulls*** and fillers out!”

“Excellent! A must read for anyone that is lost in a relationship. I would like to thank the author for an eye opening experience! This book has clarified more for me than I have ever understood in my entire life time. I am a victim of emotional abuse and have been muddling thru life in familial, romantic relationships as well as friendships. Why? because I am kind and thoughtful, the type of person that would give you the shirt off her back. It doesn’t matter what type of relationship that you are in, it can be straight couples gay couples, relationships between family member, co workers, any kind of relationship, you must read this book. It will be as if a light switch was turned on in your brain and your soul is sitting up and paying attention. The book is not full of rhetoric situations of other people’s lives. The author does not fill the pages with information that you do not need or can’t benefit from. It is straight forward the author tells you exactly what you need to hear. To the author, again thank you for opening my eyes.”

“If you’re wondering . . . “Gee, should I read this book?” The answer is YES. It should be required for every human adult’s relationship toolkit.”


“Shockingly on point! Easy read, really opened my eyes. Helps you take steps in the right direction. Must purchase! You won’t be sorry.”

“Eye opening for sure! This was like reading a textbook of my doubts, fears, and insecurities. I can finally be free from the bondage.”

“This book is concise, well-written, and cuts to the core quickly – great information.”

“Five Stars! Awesome book to point out the tactics that emotional abusers use. I highly recommend!”

“You’ve gotta read this. I wish I’d learned this 40 years ago! Short, succinct and excellent info!”

“A must read for every couple! Very insightful, not only in being able to recognize these tactics in others but to also consider them in ourselves!”

“Five Stars. Where was this Book before!!”

“Great book!! Incredibly informative!! This is a great book. It help me realize what was happening in my relationship. It gave me the strength to move on and leave. I am so grateful I found this book.”


“I have a new perspective and clarity now.”

“I feel like I just had an epiphany. I can’t believe how much some of this information applies to my life.”

“This book pulls no punches nor beats around the bush. Step by step definitions without being preachy. Easy to read without being a professional.”

“Great and helpful! A must read if you want to know how manipulators do what they do. You’ll be able to take your life back!”

“I am alive again! I was experiencing hell only just yesterday. I was being tortured on a daily basis for almost 4 years. As I began reading it, I immediately felt relief and peace as I understood I was a victim of ALL the tactics explained in this book. You can be killed and still be alive. I have been enlightened and will move forward. Today I woke up happy, energetic and grateful to have a second chance at life! Teenage and women magazines and TV shows should recommend books like this. It can save your life. It has saved mine.”


Now Available in Paperback! 


Learn the Tactics


Learn the manipulator’s game, so they can’t play it with you!


♥ Thank you for for your support of Psychopaths&Love through the years. It is greatly appreciated.



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