That summer was magical.

Can you remember it? An ethereal beauty veiled the world. Each moment was suspended in time that dripped like dark, sweet molasses. You swam naked in a black lake under a golden moon, whispering secrets only the wind will ever know. Sparkling stardust fell gently from the sky, and like a beam of light your laughter traveled to the end of the universe and back again. Love had come like a glittering gift bestowed upon you by some benevolent god. 

And then one day your true love looked into your eyes and said,

“I don’t know where you got the idea this was ever going to be anything more than an affair.”

I knew exactly where I got the idea: from him. He was trying to make me doubt my memory, trying to make me think I’d imagined it all or somehow misunderstood his intentions. It didn’t work, but I was rendered speechless by shock and bewilderment.

Although this was the most heinous of his attempts to make me doubt my memory, it was far from the only one. “I never said that!” was something I heard all too often. 

Did the psychopath you were involved with try to manipulate you in this way? If so, your input is needed in an investigation of memory manipulation.

University of Windsor researchers seeking participants to complete online survey about experiences in relationships with psychopaths


Researchers at the University of Windsor are interested in hearing about your experiences with suspected psychopaths. Use the link below to complete a screening questionnaire to determine if you are eligible to participate in the study:

For this screening questionnaire, you will be asked about a specific time when someone you suspect is a psychopath made you question your memory for a past event. This may have been because they told you that your memory was incorrect, that the events did not happen, or that other people have doubts about your experiences. The researchers are hoping to learn more about your experiences of remembering and communicating with suspected psychopaths about things that happened in the past.

Participation is completely voluntary and no identifying information will be connected with your responses. Participants who complete the screening questionnaire will be entered in a draw to win one of three $100 Amazon e-gift cards. Eligible participants who complete the full survey will receive a $5 Amazon e-gift card for their time.

Your participation in this research is important for gaining new knowledge about how individuals in relationships with psychopathic individuals remember past events. Please note, participation in the study may involve thinking about potentially painful relationship experiences.

I hope you’ll help these researchers learn about the tactics psychopaths use to manipulate and control others in relationships. It could have important implications for therapeutic intervention as well as for broader societal awareness of how psychopaths function in the world, which is desperately needed.

Your time and input will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks to all of you. 


♥ The first paragraph of this post comes from THE KNOWN, THE UNKNOWN AND THE UNKNOWABLE. You can read the rest of my story here. 


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