You Are Born of Chaos and Stars, and Are Stronger and More Resilient Than You Know


I’ve said several times on this website, “you are forged by fire.” You may have thought is was a metaphor, but it was not. And it was not just any fire, but the explosions of massive stars, called supernovas, which can be billions of times as bright as the sun. Nothing lights up the cosmos like a supernova. When a star dies in such a spectacular way, its demise releases huge quantities of matter that is propelled across space. What happens to all this star matter that travels at great velocities through the cosmos?

One thing that happened is that it became you.


The carbon, nitrogen and oxygen atoms in our bodies, as well as atoms of all other heavy elements, were created by stars billions of years ago. And you don’t just have a few particles of stars within you. Every single atom in your body—the calcium in your bones, the carbon in your genes, the iron in your blood–was created in a star billions of years ago. These particles you’re made of were formed shortly after the Big Bang began 13.7 billion years ago. Did you have any idea you have atoms in your body that are over 13 billion years old?

You are literally made of stardust, that has been in existence since the beginning of the universe.

If that weren’t amazing enough, there is something far more amazing about you…

You are stardust brought to life.


And although scientists know we are made of stardust, no one has yet figured out exactly how that stardust comes to life. Not only do the origins of life remain a mystery, but so do the origins of the matter that life springs from.

And why stop there? We may be alone in the universe, which makes you an exceptionally rare being.  Although it seems improbable that in the limitless vastness of the universe–one that contains trillions of planets–we humans stand alone, the Rare Earth Hypothesis suggests otherwise. Some scientists theorize that the development of life as it is on Earth was the result of an improbable and exacting combination of astrophysical and geological events and circumstances. The hypothesis argues that complex extraterrestrial life is a very improbable phenomenon and likely to be extremely rare.


What does any of this have to do with psychopaths? Absolutely nothing. But what might it mean for you?

To me, it means that your very existence—your life, and you—are exceptionally rare and precious. It also means that the indestructible star–matter from which you are created is within you, in part as the energy of strength and resilience.  E=mc2, after all.

I find all of this very empowering, and I hope you do, too. It takes me out of my usual perspective and everyday concerns. It reminds me of how powerful we truly are, how amazing it is that each of us is here now, and how connected we are to everything, even to the stars.

Especially to the stars.

Stars don’t disappear when they explode; they are simply transformed. And like the stars we are made of, we too have the ability to be transformed by our “explosions,” the struggles we face that blow our worlds to bits. We share the resilience of the stars we are made from. Resiliency is your capacity for psychological and spiritual renewal and recovery in the face of trauma and even disaster. Rather than letting devastation defeat us, we can  emerge from the chaos, transformed.

The time for beauty and wonder and for understanding the deep connection that binds you to the earth and the stars above has not ended. The time to fight to regain your awareness of that wonder and connection has begun.

Nothing can mess with a star; they are huge and powerful. But you are made from stars, and like them you are unmessable. Even if you’ve exploded in your own personal supernova, you will endure.

Geoff, one of this website’s readers, wrote a song about us being a part of something universal. He plays this song–meant to be a meditation–using just two chords:

Quantum of Loneliness

When you look into the Universe
The Universe looks back
You’re not alone in the Universe
Quite the reverse in fact

Because the contents of any distant star
Are the contents of any broken heart

The pieces of a star
Are hidden in our hearts
The pieces of a star
Are hidden in our hearts

When you look into the Universe
Even the sky is black
You’re not alone in the Universe
The Universe looks back

Because the contents of any distant star
Are the contents of any broken heart

The pieces of a star
Are hidden in our hearts
The pieces of a star
Are hidden in our hearts

Words and music: Geoff S., February 2015

To hear more of Geoff’s music, visit soundcloud 

♥ Like a star, unmessable you

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18 thoughts on “You Are Born of Chaos and Stars, and Are Stronger and More Resilient Than You Know”

  1. Danielle

    How totally mesmerizing and empowering. Thank you for this beautiful lesson and magical gift.

    1. Adelyn Birch

      You are so welcome. It’s so easy to develop tunnel vision, and it really is empowering when we look at the bigger picture of our lives and ourselves.

  2. Jennifer Smith

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. We are a microcosm of the macrocosm and have within in us the power of life since time without beginning. We can direct any future we desire – even change the past.

    1. Adelyn Birch

      Feel free to elaborate on the “even change the past” part. Although I’m not sure I how much of it I would change, even if I could.

  3. kelby

    I had a fake “soul mate” for 7 years… having lead a fairly solitary life, full of narcs i now realise, he had meant everything to me… so when i discovered his emptiness, and that of my mother, (the only two people in my life who i thought had any love for me, she also turned sadistic after the d&d) show emotion and get eaten i guess… i had/have nowhere else to go… so recovery is being done in this environment of hell… i had conversations with both, pretty much outlining what you have said in this article.. ironically my mother has been a buddhist for many years…
    when i put this to him, he just shrugged… similar response from mom… a delusion of meaninglessness permeates everything… but i know without any doubt, there is more.
    we are more.
    wish i could plug them all back in.
    we get our energy like Nicoli Tesla,and they like Brahm Stoker….
    i refuse to feed them anymore…

    1. Adelyn Birch

      It would be great to be able to plug them back in and bring them back to life. But we can’t, and they will need to feed off us for their energy and meaning. It will be difficult to heal in that environment, but your new wisdom is sure to provide some protection. Maybe you’ve devised a test we can use to identify them; tell them we’re made of stardust, and if they just shrug, we’ll know there’s something wrong. Best of luck to you, Kelby. Protect yourself and your energy.

  4. Linda

    Wonderful! I agree. When I stand under the night sky and look up, I feel both awe and comfort, and I am empowered: Like those stars, we are “unmessable”!

    1. Adelyn Birch


  5. Maria Belén

    Just beautiful and empowering

    1. Adelyn Birch

      I’m so glad it resonated with you, Maria!

  6. Jamie Walters

    Beautiful imagery and musings. Thank you for sharing this! Blessings, Jamie

    1. Adelyn Birch

      You’re welcome, Jamie. Glad to hear you liked it; thank you for letting me know :-)

  7. Totallybel

    I went out with the dogs last night it was a cold starry starry night, I couldn’t take my eyes off them, and wonder. And then I open up ur post Adelyn, it is just amazing. I was so interested in the Hadron collider and humans proving the Big Bang theory, and we are as ye posted made of stardust and other stuff. And the psychopaths are humanity’s black hole, the vortex that sucks our words our characteristics, our personality our spirit regurgitates it and uses it all against us, there were so many of my words said back to me, but I only picked up on that after I ‘knew’ He used them ‘against’ me and I know now the words they say are meaningless, they have no feeling behind those words, they feed off our reaction to their words, and if we carry out their requests all the better. I love this post Adelyn, I’ve been trying to tap into the Spring energy, and this certainly helps, as all your posts do. Thank you xxx

    1. Adelyn Birch

      Humanity’s black hole—what a perfect analogy! So glad to hear you loved the post, Totalybel. I hope it will help you tap into the energy you need xxx

  8. Babs

    That’s why, darling, it’s incredible…that someone who is so unmessable…thinks that I am so unmessable too!

    1. Adelyn Birch

      LOL, that should be our theme song!

      No, never before has someone been more
      Ooh unmessable
      In every way
      And forevermore
      That’s how you’ll stay!


  9. Paige

    You’re an inspiration…when no one else understands, you do. I hope this aftermath landscape recedes soon – I am so very tired of it and pretty much every day I don’t think I am going to make it through…but then I do, and this is in LARGE part due to souls like yours who came and found wounded ones like mine.

    1. Adelyn Birch

      Thank you for your heartwarming words, Paige. Every wounded soul has the capacity to heal, including yours. Understanding is a big part of it, and I’m truly happy I can give you some xo

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