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little-red-riding-hood-gustave-dore copy What Readers Say About Psychopaths and Love


“I cannot even begin to tell you how thankful I am to have stumbled across this website. You have put an enormous amount of time and effort into helping others see the truth.” Anon

“What an amazing blog, the words on these pages have given more relief and answers to the pain I have felt and the mystery of the appalling and baffling behaviour of my Ex than anything I have found so far. Thank you to the Author, for the wonderful service that your in valuable work is providing.” A.W.

“I thank you for doing this site. I found it when I needed it most. It was a blessing. Even today, your writing was perfect timing. Please keep it up. The information is and has been helpful to me and a friend. Most people do not understand emotional rape. Again, your site is a blessing. Thank you.” KT

“Thank you for providing the space and impetus for logical discussion on what is a tremendous problem for mankind.” Baglady

“I feel as though I stumbled upon this blog and the information contained it in through divine intervention. I have been in this type of relationship for almost 4 years now as a victim…I feel hope since I found this information. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…I pray your ministry helps others as it has me.” Tracy from Ohio

“It is fitting on this day before Thanksgiving to thank you so much for showing me the light! I found you yesterday and am so grateful to you. Thank you for your courage to come forward and share with the rest of us. Thank you for touching so many. May you enjoy peace and love.” Gail S.

“I want to thank you so much, this website has finally given me the strength to stand up to the person who has been controlling me for about 10 years now. I want to preface this by saying I have a masters degree in clinical psychology and have diagnosed patients at my assessment practicum with psychopathy, no one is immune to being conned in this way, especially if you have never been down this road before…it wasn’t until I read your blog that I was able to identify exactly what was going on. Again, thank you…This website is extremely well written and comprehensive. I commend your making this website, you are helping so many. I have passed this website along to my clients, as well as to my therapist.” Michele L.

“I have been visiting for about 2 months, this site has been so revealing, healing and I’m sure saving lives & happiness. I wish I knew then, what I know now–it’s all about awareness & support. Thank You for offering such a blessed resource & for service through this media. This site has helped me come to terms & begin healing—hopefully have better radar now. Prayers for all those coming to terms with the reality of their situations and recovery. May you be continually blessed in this service.” EmpathicLove

“I cannot tell you how much this has helped me today. I cannot get anything done because I can’t stop reading! …My eyes are finally opened – maybe a bit late, but still opened.” SuckerNoMore

“I just want you to know what a valuable service you’ve provided by creating this site. I stumbled upon it the other day while doing some research on psychopathy in an attempt to understand how the individual I was involved with could do all the things he did. It was such a relief to realize, after reading several of your posts, that this monster who had me believing he was one in a million is actually just one OF a million… psychopaths. He’s no more than a common, predictable set of symptoms and patterns. He fits the mold perfectly. I understand better than ever now that none of this was my fault; that he targeted me; and that the mental anguish he put me through was something I could not have resisted if I tried… because I could never be someone who thinks the way he does. Your information helped me realize that fully and take that last step of discarding any last little attempt to “reconcile” the unthinkable.” L.B.

“Thank you for making me feel sane again.” Tom

“I wish I had read this years ago; it would have saved me money, heartbreak and pain. I met one eight years ago and I believed I was with the man of my dreams. It’s been a nightmare. I often wondered how I got caught up in this crap but reading about it has open my eyes.” Michelle

“I truly believe this info saved my life! I thank God I found it and I thank God you are eloquent enough to cut right through to all the things I have been experiencing with this monster but was never able to verbalize! it felt like you were speaking directly to me! Thank you again for all the incredibly insightful info.” Duped

“After countless sessions with a therapist this makes more simplistic sense of what I had been going through in marriage. Very insightful and I wish the readers acknowledged. Wellness.” Eric

“Thank you for a brilliant and concise definition of a psychopath. This information is the best I have seen on this topic…I now know I am not crazy. Thank you.” Gail

“I have no words but thank you so very much!” Anthony

♥ Many thanks and much heartfelt appreciation for your kind words

Psychopaths and love.

What do psychopaths have to do with love if they aren’t even capable of loving?

 This website is for people victimized in false relationships with predators known as psychopaths.

Popular media creates the beliefs that psychopaths are extremely rare (they’re not) and that they’re all sadistic killers (some are). But the very real possibility exists that you could find yourself in a relationship with a psychopath who duped you into believing s/he loved youand that if you do, the outcome will be not be good.

Psychopaths are calculating social predators who are out and about in society and who may be found living in your neighborhood, working in your workplace, or even sleeping in your bed.

This website is based on my personal experience with a psychopath and the research and reading I did and continue to do in the aftermath.

Find out what a psychopath is, how to spot the red flags of a psychopath, how to know if you’re being subject to covert emotional abuse, learn if you’re a victim of devastating emotional rape (if you’ve been with a psychopath, you are), and learn about healing after a relationship with a psychopath. Read some illuminating quotes about psychopaths that sum up the danger that they are.

There is also an extensive list of resources in the sidebar to help you find the information you need. These resources were valuable to me, and I hope they will be for you, too.

Has this website helped you? If so, please support my efforts and help me to defray the costs of maintaining this website by purchasing a book. Many thanks.


book cover, psychopaths and love


 400_yellow_boundaries_cover_3 copy
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3 thoughts on “

  1. I’ve just spent the last 18 months of my life totally convinced that I was crazy, that it was my fault that my husband of almost exactly 16 years left us in June of 2013.

    Now, I understand that I did not even KNOW this man, and I still don’t. He swept me off my feet in 1996; it was all the usual stuff (“I’ve always loved you, I didn’t approach you because you were in another relationship, you are my soulmate, it will be forever, I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you, no one has ever looked after me like you do…..”).

    When I started asking too many questions, he became uncomfortable. Then the discoveries about his promiscuity began. The coldness, the distance, the wounding remarks and the GASLIGHTING were all too much to bear. I very, very nearly “lost it”, and had it not been for my sister as well as a very accomplished psychologist, I doubt that I would be sitting here enjoying my coffee and writing this reply today. Alcohol became a good friend of mine and, let me tell you, I didn’t count too many of the wine corks for quite a while.

    Yesterday marked a milestone in my journey. I finally said the WORD. Sociopath. I said it to my psychologist. She agrees, and she told me that I have taken a very huge step towards more objective thinking. I need to observe the events now, and try not let them re-run continuously, like an old movie. Because if I let him, he’ll bait me again, and again, and again until he drills my head into the ground. Why is he mad at me? Because I’m the first woman who figured him out. I cracked his shell. He’s horrified.

    Somehow, some way, I will get my self-esteem back. I will learn to trust the male species again. I will shore up my finances which, because of him, are now a complete disaster. I will take care of my son who, at the age of 12 just told me on Sunday night that he has no idea if his father loves him. We will help each other.

  2. This is vary sad. One of the scars from a Sociopath is the events going over and over in your mind. Because the events are so unreal.It has been four years since a Sociopath was in my life and I still have this problem. I’m sorry for you and your son, Sociopaths don’t love any one. Love is what makes you human.

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